RIP Gilly

Earlier this year we received some very sad news concerning the sudden passing of anti-racist campaigner and activist, Gilly Mundy, husband to Die Cheerleader’s bass player Debbie Quargnolo. It was only a few weeks prior to his passing that Gilly had sent us an email to say hello upon stumbling across this site. Following Gilly’s death his friends and family set up a blog to share their thoughts and stories about Gilly. The blog also contains updates about the work that continues in his name.

In 2006 friends and relatives of Gilly and Debbie formed the Buwan Kothi International Trust. One of the objectives of the Trust is to build a primary school in Buwan Kothi, India, this project has gained momentum since Gilly’s passing. Recent funding raising efforts have lead to the beginning of construction for the school this October. The school is to be named The Gilly Mundy Memorial Institute. Just over half of the required funds have been raised so far, donations can be made via the Just Giving website. The trust also has a number of other ways you can provide support, including purchasing a CD of Gilly’s music, which you can find on this myspace page.

When Gilly passed away he was carrying his organ donor card, and within 12 hours of his death no less than 8 people had undergone life saving transplant surgery with his organs. Gilly’s family and friends have taken solace in his final act of kindness and are encouraging people, particularly within Asian communities, to register as an organ donor (if you’re in the UK you can register here).

Our deepest condolences to Gilly’s family and friends.