Band Members

Sam Ireland / Vocals
After Die Cheerleader disbanded Sam Ireland continued singing and recording with a number of bands. In 1996 she joined the John Wayne Army (also on YouTube), who have since morphed into The Camarillos. In the late 1990s she was in a garage pop band called Cocobonbon. Sam has also worked with Shock Headed Peters (check out the track ‘Katabolism’ on MySpace). Sam is currently performing in the duo GAMES (also on YouTube). Visit Sam’s SoundCloud page for more.

Rita Blazyca / Guitar
Rita has played in various bands since DC called it a day, including working again with original DC bass player Sarah Corina. In 2007 she formed Princess of Mars, featuring none other than the Damned’s Rat Scabies on drums. Recently Rita has been performing again with reformed pre-DC band The Hook ‘n’ Pull Gang.

Andy Semple / Drums
In 1996 Andy got together with his mate Brian to form Colossus, they also produced two songs under the name P.C.P, with Sam featured on vocals on one of the tracks. Andy tells us that he hasn’t played drums live since a performance of Cats at the school where he teaches!

Debbie Quargnolo / Bass / 1992-
Debbie joined the band in 1992, replacing Sarah Corina. Post-DC she went on to form a band with a member of Blaggers ITA. Debbie is currently a trustee of the Buwan Kothi International Trust. Her flickr page can be found here.

Sarah Corina / Bass / 1991
Sarah was the original bassist. She was replaced by Debbie after leaving to join The Mekons.