This website is a fansite for the 90s UK rock band Die Cheerleader. The site was created by a fan (KJ Elizabeth) in 2000 with assistance from members of the band and their fans.

The purpose of this site is simply to help preserve the memory and music of the mighty DC. It’s our hope that this website will help introduce Die Cheerleader’s music to a new ears and provide a comprehensive archive of DC related material.

Please feel welcome to get in touch via the contact page if you have any material you’d like to contribute, questions about the band, or suggestions for content.


Thank you to everyone who has helped out with content, especially Sam Ireland and Andy Semple who kindly lent their support by donating some material from their personal archives.

Chris Limb / Catmachine.com
Also known as one of the “Chrises” provided the Paris photos, some flyers, the DC newsletters and a number of scans.

Sam Ireland / TheCamarillos.co.uk
Big thanks to Sam for sending her DC scrapbooks all the way down here to Australia! The contents were scanned and appear all throughout the archives and website.

Andy Semple
Thanks to Andy for sending in a bunch of scans of reviews, press, and pics.

Mick Mercer / Mickmercer.com
Thanks to Mick for donating the live photos, you can purchase them and other photos from his website.

Hillary Johnson / HillaryJohnson.com
Hillary donated the Spa studios pic, thanks Hillary!