She’s a Rebel


Record Details


Format: CD
Release Date: February 18, 1997
Label: Shanachie Records
ASIN: B000000DSA
Producer: Wagner Bucci

Liner Notes: “The 14 acts on this release provide plenty of evidence that the presense of “women in rock” has moved far, far beyond a recurring, medi-hyped “trend”. It’s now a fact of life in the rock n roll areans. Women are solo performers. Women play in bands with men. Women play in all-female bands. Women write songs, play instruments (even the drums!), arrange and produce their own material, manage bands, clubs and record companies. Why is any of this still a surprise?

“Though the bands on this release cover a variety of musical terrain, there’s one thing they do have in common. They’d like you to judge them by their music as musicians, that is, not as “female musicians”. And by that standard the lister is in for a real treat, for these songs embrace the best in modern rock, from enclaves all around the US and abroad.”

Track Listing:
1. The Muffs – Oh Nina
2. Tribe 8 – Mendo Hoo-Ha
3. Teen Angels – Jack Shit
4. Tribe 8 – Tranny Chaser
5. Cake Like – Suck
6. Brenda Kahn – Spoon
7. Bandit Queen – Give It To The Dog
8. Die Cheerleader – Star Sucker
9. Bell – Loose and Unsubdued
10. Nitocris – Sycophant
11. Flower S.F – Ego
12. 7 Year Bitch – Rock-A-Bye-Baby
13. Dir Merchants – Isosceles
14. Battershell – Prick
15. Cocktaillica – No Yawk
16. The Muffs – Goodnight Now