Princess of Mars

Princess of MarsIn 2004 Rita Blazyca formed a formidable outfit called Princess of Mars. At the time she got in touch to share the news:

RITA: “Now with Princess Of Mars I got the second best drummer in the world!, from probably the best punk rock band in the world (The Damned), and a new female singer to rival any one who ever picked up a microphone, the bass player is of another planet who is also plays in a mainly Asian band called, Raj Against The Machine!!”

Rae Black – Lead vocals
Rita Blazyca – Guitar + backing vocals
Rat Scabies – Drums
Adam – Bass

The band recorded a few tracks at Alaska Street Studios “the same place where Die Cheerleader rehearsed and Princess Of Mars’s spiritual home is” said Rita. The songs are:

1. His Masters Voice
2. Judgment Decay
3. Goodbye Glorious

Listen to Princess of Mars on MySpace.